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Eli Bernard



The purpose of the iDiscover is to empower change in the lives of participants: lost lives saved, saved lives growing, growing lives serving. By involving participants in self-discovery of God’s Word, they hear from Him about their lives, gifts, attitudes, beliefs, and call.

While iDiscover is not a plan for a traditional "in-depth" Bible Study, the results can be joint and marrow-deep.

  • Has your Bible Study ministry plateaued?
  • Do you have trouble involving new members in your Bible Study groups?
  • Do you have a transferable strategy to develop new leaders?
  • Are lives changing as a result of your small group Bible study?
  • Do your teachers struggle to “pull together” a lesson on a regular basis?
  • Do your Bible Study leaders align their efforts with the purpose of your church and Bible Study ministry?
  • Do your teachers complain about or seek to change the curriculum?
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I had never heard the term "bow-hunter" before I entered seminary in 1982. I learned it from Ernie, who would go on to become the best man in my wedding some years later.

Ernie was a hunter. I was not. Any time I thought about hunting, a rifle was part of the mental imagery. But I learned more than the term from Ernie. I learned that he preferred bow-hunting to using a rifle, and would do it exclusively if permits and seasons allowed. The discipline, the skill, and the precision required by the challenge made it a far more exciting and fulfilling experience.

Even though I wasn't a hunter, I was smart enough to know (without asking) that you don't put arrows in a rifle, or bullets in a bow.

The Secret Sauce is designed to engage and provoke thoughts among participants in any Bible Study setting. It is not designed to be an add-on activity to some other curriculum. One is bullets. One is bows.

However, you can convert your curriculum to bows. Keep your curriculum for the scope and sequence of the study. Just lead it with iDiscover. The engagement and dialogue will be different than you've ever experienced. And you'll get hours back in your week - hours you can use to connect with group members, share the gospel, and care for those in need. You may just find that iDiscover is your exclusive and preferred way of leading.

If you would like to have the Secret Sauce, please fill out the form above. It is not for sale. But I'll give it away to anyone who wants to learn the iDiscover process (which is also free).