“Eli has vast experience of presenting technical and leadership training… extremely creative...innovative, memorable and captivating methodologies.”

John Moore, CEO 

Duluth, Georgia

"…I have been teaching Bible study since 1985 and I was amazed at this fresh approach to the classroom….an approach where the newest convert can participate along with the seasoned 'veteran'..."

“When Tobin was first exposed to the iDiscover process, it made perfect sense to him…. For the first time, the Bible became more relevant and more applicable than it ever had been before. And because he understood it better, he could practice its truths more completely…. I watched as the truths he was teaching weekly impacted him as well as his students.

My life is richer today because of who my husband has become. He is who he is because of his Bible study.”

"During our workshop one question loomed large - "Are lives being changed in Sunday School?" And I must admit as the pastor, I didn't think they were... 

I highly recommend this workshop. It will challenge you and compel you to think. It will change the way you do Sunday School."

Barry Kitchens, Pastor

Loveland, Colorado

Lynn Sexton, CEO & Nana

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Margaret Slusher, Director


Atlanta, Georgia

Tobin Sexton, President

Toby Sexton Tire Company

Loganville, Georgia

"This...is the most effective and useful tool for impacting individuals with God’s Word I have encountered in twenty-two years of teaching Bible Study. This is a process that works and only gets better with time.

Before iDiscover, the only guidelines I had been given about Bible instruction were to “follow the leader's copy of the quarterly.” I was not challenged to think for myself or put myself in the place of the learner…it was all about imparting information to the learner without any thoughtful consideration of the contents of the lesson by the learner or application of the lesson by the learner.

I cannot imagine approaching the preparation of a Bible lesson without using the tools of the iDiscover teaching process."

Chad Anderson

GySgt USMC, Retired

Indianapolis, Indianna

"I can't express enough how monumentally important, and life-changing, the iDiscover program has been to me. I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and attended church and Sunday School/small group programs all over the world.

Nothing I have ever experienced has had the type of impact iDiscover has had on my life and my relationship with God. Because of this life-changing experience, I have become the iDiscover group leader at my church and absolutely love being able to share the gospel this way and continue to grow with those in my group."

Matt Edwards, Pastor

Weathford, Texas

"For more than 30 years, I’ve been considered a preacher, a prophet and evangelist. After some helpful tips from Eli, for the first time in my ministry, someone has called me a Bible teacher. I have certainly experienced the transformation in my teaching ministry through the iDiscover concepts!"